Numerical simulations

The numerical simulation activities focus on three topics: reacting flows, Turbulence in incompressible flows and Fluid-Structure interaction.

The reacting flow activity concentrates on modelling hydrogencombustion and plasma flows (re-entry flights and plasma torches). The group has developed thermodynamics and transport models to be used with classical computational fluid dynamics. The research axis is also oriented towards industrial plasma processes. A finite element plasma flow solver is under development in collaboration with the research centre CENAERO.

Combustion research focuses on direct numerical simulation (DNS) and large eddy simulation (LES) of turbulent flames. The group and the EM2C department of Centrale Paris collaborate to develop a finite difference code using very high order numerical schemes. The department has also developed a hybrid finite spectral/element solver (SFELES) to study turbulence and turbulence models in geometries with symmetry of revolution. The study of flow around re-entry capsules was performed with SFELES.

Recently, the group has opened a new research axis concerning fluidstructure interaction: aero-elastic investigation of the vibration of high mast poles.