MECA-H-530 – Sustainable energy / Rational Use of Energy

Professors: Patrick Hendrick and Michel Huart.


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1. News 2015-2016

10/09/2015: First class 15/09/2015 10h00 at VUB.D.2.23

2. Course information


Today, energy and sustainability are matters of primary concern. The course “Sustainable energy” provides some keys of understanding energy, the role it plays in our daily life and in different activities, and the sustainability of the energy systems and the energy consumption.. Through differents applications and case studies, it introduces energy efficiency, rational use of energy and a financial analysis of energy investment.

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Prof. Patrick Hendrick

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Besides your own notes, you may download the slides and documents. More information and videos of the cours can also be found on , under the “Sustainable Energy” course.

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15-sept – Sustainability (M. HUART) : Notes available here

18-sept – Electricity market and electrical networks (P. HENDRICK) : Notes available here

25-sept – Energy storage (P. HENDRICK): Notes available here

29-sept – Energy basics (M. HUART) : Notes available here

2-oct    – Electric vehicles, mobility and storage (P. HENDRICK) : Notes available here

6-oct    – Energy Chain and national statistics of consumption (M. HUART) : Notes available here

9-oct    – Energy audits (P. HENDRICK) : Notes available here

13-oct  – Environmental impacts  (M. HUART) : Notes available here

16-oct  – Energy efficient buildings, Green housing and NZEB (P. HENDRICK)

20-oct  – Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions (F. CONTINUO) : Notes available here

23-oct  -Energy costs and prices – Rational Use of energy (a general approach)  (M. HUART) : Notes available here & here

27-oct  – Renewable energy sources (M. HUART) : Notes available here

3-nov   – District Heating and Cooling  (P. HENDRICK) : Notes available here

10-nov – Discounting – Project investment valuation (O. MORTEHAN): Notes available here

17-nov – Firm valuation – Advanced methods: Monte-Carlo, real options (O. MORTEHAN): Nots available here

24-nov – Heat pumps (P. HENDRICK) : Notes available here

1-déc   – Sustainable Transport (F. CONTINO): Notes available here

8-déc   – Demand Side Management (P. HENDRICK): Notes available here

4. Homework

In this section, students get the instructions about homework : reports, MA1 project proposal.

Sustainability reports

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Notes on the evaluation 2014 – 2015: Pdf

Course notes:




  • Energy storage seminar: Slides
  • Energy storage and PHES: Slides


  • Water and Energy Management Systems: Slides


  • Mobility Storage: Slides
  • Demand Side Management (technical): Slides


  • Efficient Buildings: Slides


  • Sustainable Transport: Slides



  • Household energy consumption: Slides